The coaching relationship will be based around a series of sessions, supported by me between sessions via telephone or email. You may sometimes need sessions when it’s not convenient to meet, if you're based internationally, or are temporarily abroad. This is easily managed through video coaching.

We begin with a phone call to see if we are a good fit.  If we both think we are, then the best way to see what coaching feels like, whether by me or another expert of my level of experience, is to do it.  So we'll book a time and start.

When tools or psychometrics are needed, I’ll suggest we use them.  Some tools can be great ways to open up your thinking and see possibilities.  I am trained in an array of psychometric measurements, but in my approach use of them is the exception, not the norm.  So they’ll be used sparingly, if at all, because I know that sometimes less can be more.

Although usually coaching is a packaged arrangement over several sessions with a focus on agreed outcomes, some clients find ongoing coaching to be a powerful and consistent support. Therefore our coaching may also begin or evolve into an arrangement where I am retained longer-term as a coach and counsel for individuals, specific projects and organisations.