In all of us, there are small tangled knots of thinking which limit our performance. I will find them in you and we will untangle them together.

The goals of people and organisations will vary widely: a CEO who needed to overcome disabling stress, doubts and confusion; a national journalist seeking the elusive shift that would enable him to produce his first book; an organisation whose decision making led them in circles; an investor who had come to the point of realision that behaviour change was going to be as vital as his funds if he wanted to work better with entrepreneurs.

There will be outcomes you want, and outcomes which others will measure you against, in work and indeed life.  We will agree what these should be for you from our first session, revise and add later, and never lose sight of them.

The goals we set will be reached. The outcomes from doing so will be achieved. And I will coach you so you have the ability to sustain them all.