My approach is informed by my years in industry working on some of the highest profile and most complex of issues with some of the highest profile and most complex of individuals.

My own agile and polymathic personal and professional background across tech, business, competitive sport and the arts means I know what it feels like to stand where you are. Add the very best of training and academic study, and I am placed at the forefront of coaching practice and research, where psychology is now used to even further improve the outcomes of coaching.

Those who come to me for help want something to change.  They want something about their mindset and behaviour to be better.  For us to achieve this important shift in the most helpful way possible, my approach will place a strong emphasis on your thinking and your actions: your thoughts are the biggest drivers to taking the vital action needed, and your actions really speak louder than any words.

I will measure where you are at along the way: because this is, above all, coaching for results. We will start your turnaround from our very first session together, and you will take action to make it happen before our second. 

This is not therapy. It is not talking for talking’s sake. Nor is this a motivational event that makes you feel supercharged for an afternoon, and nothing more thereafter.  This is coaching, a series of purposeful, exploring and clever conversations supported by science and evidenced in the real world as the most effective way to achieve high performance, and keep you there.