Sometimes people see their possibilities less clearly because of the noise around them, and within them.  This will always influence the quality of their decisions, and therefore their performance.

We can temporarily forget, at vital times, what full clarity feels like.  Many hover painfully on the verge of critical decision making, then procrastinate by not getting on and doing something about it.  Some are tipped for great things,  and just need help preparing to get there. Others struggle to gain momentum with their sense of leadership, or indeed their working lives.  Some have to handle crises in the  glare of the public eye.  Dealing with these pressures in a demanding or high profile position adds an extra layer of challenge and complexity; in these situations, I coach from behind the public image.  

You are likely to be CEOs, new or seasoned executives looking towards or consolidating your first board position, or a founder. Away from business, you’re in sports, politics or entertainment, dealing with challenges, negotiations and choices on and off pitches, chambers, television screens and stages.

I coach boards, teams and small groups too.  The insight that I will give you into the dynamics of individuals in groups, and the new dynamic created by groups, will help you understand your sense of team and your own influence and effectiveness in a way that will change how and what you achieve in groups forever.